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Fact Sheet

Developer: Sugar Slip; Based in Toronto, Ontario



Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Release Date: Unannounced - Kickstarter August 2020

Price: Unannounced

Availability: Demo available at:

Press / Business Contact:

SocialTwitter, YouTube 

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Serial Lover is a dating sim rhythm game where you seduce serial killers!

After waking in an unfamiliar house, you find yourself stuck with a group of six strangers. All as confused as you are, you must work together to discover the mysteries of the house and what brought you there. If only they weren't so stupid.

Combining the storytelling format of a visual novel with the challenge of a rhythm game allows players to explore an enticing story while faced with opportunities of high tension, romance and death.


  • Intense and powerful soundtrack covering a wide range of genres to suit each killer.

  • Six killers to seduce! Each with their own personalities and stories to unravel.

  • Rhythm gameplay that emphasizes stimulating feedback and satisfying track charting.

  • Wide range of difficulty options, suitable for those looks for a story, and those looking for a challenge.

  • Numerous stylized CGs, both character and story focused.

  • A mysterious overarching plot filled with deduction and second guessing.

  • Dramatic, comedic, and at times intimate writing with frequent opportunities for alternate dialogue choices.

  • Multiple in-depth endings that can only be achieved by following specific routes or completing specific requirements.

  • Arcade mode, allowing players to replay tracks they've unlocked with extra perks, including speed adjustment, invincibility, and more!


What games are similar to Serial Lover?

Serial Lover takes inspiration from games such as HuniePop and Katawa Shoujo by taking a familiar genre and adding a unique twist, taking the gameplay to another level.

How long is the game?

The demo may range between 20 - 40 minutes. The final game is estimated to be between 4 - 8 or more hours of gameplay.

Is there nudity in Serial Lover?

Serial Lover does not contain nudity, but does have suggestive themes at times. However, an nsfw patch is planned for the final release.

What is the progress and current state of the game?

With a proof of concept demo complete, the majority of the programming and gameplay systems are done. This means that the remaining progress is mainly a matter of content in terms of writing, artwork, and tracks. The team is currently working towards a Kickstarter to be launched in August to assist with funding.

What if I'm not good at rhythm games?

The difficulty options greatly affects the accessibility of the game, allowing users of all skill levels to enjoy the game. However, Serial Lover is a game that encourages improvement and rewards players for their persistence.

The Team


Slip, Developer

A game developer with a history of creating artwork and music as a hobby. Over the past 5 years, Slip has focused their efforts towards programming and game design, working on several shipped games and personal prototypes.


Sugar Slip is an up-and-coming indie game studio founded by solo developer Slip in November 2019. The studio is currently working on its first official release, Serial Lover.



Click here to download 'Serial Lover Press', which also contains a graphics package.

Logo & Icon



Serial Killers Build a Castle - Promotional Animation

Early Gameplay Footage - Progress Update #1

Trailer - Introduction and Kickstarter Promotion

Fact Sheet
The Team
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